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another look at asian music

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You have somehow managed to find "synchronicity". A blog that deals with japanese music and all it's quirkiness. Posts here will not be always limited to reviews and the usual stuff. I also try to cover all aspects and explore other asian music. Before you dive in, I suggest that you read this post first to avoid any confusion and confrontation.

As with all blogs and communities there will be rules. It's all quite simple to follow:
1. Absolutely no artist bashing and flaming. Don't think about spamming either.
2. Respect everyone's opinion and feel free to share your own as well.
3. This is not an mp3 site so don't attempt to request songs.
4. Check these posts if you have any suggestions/recommendation or questions.
5. Feel free to add/watch this journal or be member of this community. Have fun!

None at the moment. I'm accepting affiliates. Just read this post to more about it.

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